Further Training

Further Training

At RISTELHUEBER our service expertise is the result of our investments in the further training of our employees. Instruction and further training measures are based on the regular examination and analysis of our daily operations. The future demands on our employees are specifically determined in the field. At RISTELHUEBER current and long-term training measures thus complement each other perfectly.

Truck Drivers

On the basis of the German Driver’s Qualification Act (BKrFQG), all commercial drivers of vehicles with a permissible maximum weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes must periodically attend further instruction classes. The attendance of a total of 35 hours of further instruction classes must be attested within a 5-year period. It is possible to divide these up into 5 modules of at least 7 hours. The content of these further instruction classes is divided up into 3 areas of skills and knowledge, from which at least one training course must respectively be attended.

Skills Module 1:

  • Economical  Driving
  • Load Security
  • Driving Safety Training
  • Cost Reduction through Damage Prevention

Skills Module 2:

  • Freight Transport Regulations
  • Social Regulations and Digital Tachograph

Skills Module 3:

  • Health and Work Safety
  • The Driver as Company Image Maker

In our extensive training programmes our professional drivers are regularly offered training in order to acquire or do a refresher course on the ADR certificate necessary for dangerous goods traffic in addition to the further instruction measures specified in the BKrFQG.


Our warehouse personnel have to face numerous challenges such as driving with restricted visibility, speed and estimation of weight forces. With this in mind, our warehouse employees receive annual training in the handling of industrial lift trucks and are thus in a position to demonstrate the latest theoretical and practical knowledge of their work implements. In this way, the quality of service is lastingly increased.


The need for regular instruction is greatest when it comes to further training in IT because of the constant change and technical development in this area. The user is continually confronted with new and modified software. This requires the constant readiness to deal with the latest developments and so RISTELHUEBER offers its employees a wide range of courses in the following areas:

  • Advanced training course in Komalog forwarding software
  • Advanced training course in @tlas & e-dec customs software
  • Advanced training course in Electronic Archiving
  • Advanced training course in Microsoft Excel
  • Advanced training course in Microsoft Outlook
  • Advanced training course in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Advanced training course in Microsoft Word