Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding


Line Haul Traffic/Rendezvous Traffic

The geographical spread of our branches is distinctly favourable to strong line haul traffic between the various business premises. Night lines are thus maintained to Mannheim, Callenberg/Berlin and Hannover.

These transports are organized in a regular scheduled system so that on the one hand a high degree of service and on the other compliance with the prescribed driving and rest periods can be ensured.

Distribution Centres

Every branch is responsible for the distribution traffic in its respective metropolitan area. The following regions are covered by the whole RISTELHUEBER group:

  •  Dogern branch - Switzerland
  •  Mannheim branch - Rhine-Neckar/Palatinate Metropolitan Area
  •  Hannover branch - Hannover Metropolitan Area
  •  Callenberg branch - Saxony
  •  Berlin branch - Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Area
  •  Ústí nad Labem branch - Czech Republic

In order to cover the whole of Switzerland over 40 runs are daily organized and monitored at the Dogern branch. We can thus ensure pick-ups and deliveries throughout Switzerland within 24 hours.

Combined Traffic

Combined Traffic does not only make ecological sense, in this way distant destinations can also be given overnight service which could not be served by truck because of the prescribed driving and rest periods. The share of volume which is handled by rail lies at 20%. Several freight units are picked up and dropped off at the respective combined traffic terminal daily.

The following routes are regularly served in both directions:

  • Basel - Hamburg/Lübeck
  • Basel - Wuppertal

National and International Long Haul Traffic

The whole of the Federal Republic Germany is covered by our national long haul traffic. In our international long haul traffic the focus lies on the transport of shipments to and from Switzerland. We naturally carry out hazardous goods transports for you as well.

Fleet of Vehicles

RISTELHUEBER operates its own modern fleet of vehicles. In addition, longstanding, experienced partners support us in our various transport tasks. Our own vehicles are regularly serviced in the company’s own garage. The whole fleet has an average age of two and a half years.

Fleet Management System

The use of networked communications between dispatch and vehicle and a satellite-based fleet management system enables uninterrupted and professional communication. It is thus possible to locate the vehicles via satellite. This does not only improve the tracking and tracing of shipments. By determining their exact location the scheduling of the vehicles can also often be improved. This leads to higher flexibility and improved information, clients can be precisely informed as to the shipment’s status at all times. Thanks to intelligent navigation systems, drivers can be safely directed, also with regard to traffic jam forecasts.