Company History

Company History


Construction and commissioning of the new bi-modal logistics facility in Mannheim with 10,500warehouse, a railway track and 2,000 m² of office space.


SPX-Ray Security Logistics, a joint venture for air cargo security is founded with the Spedition Kilthau. The company receives after consideration by the Federal Aviation Authority approval for scanning.


Commissioning of the new warehouse location "Im Pfeifferswörth" in Mannheim. The 2500 square foot warehouse is located in the commercial area Mannheim with good access to the motorway network. The warehouse has a 500 meter track connection to the railway network.


The establishment of the non-profit RISTELHUEBER Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to further education and training, art and culture, youth and elderly care, aid to people in need, sport, public health and social services.


The building of a new logistics centre in Dogern with its own truck-repair shop. The handling facility makes the best speeds in handling and delivery reliability possible. The integrated truck-repair shop also provides ideal conditions for the maintenance of our own fleet of vehicles. In keeping with the company’s environmentally-friendly attitude, the electrical energy supply is provided by a photovoltaic plant with a top performance of 60 kilowatts and a yearly production of 5500 kilowatt hours.


Profitability and environmental protection are no contradictions in terms to logistics specialists. If a trailer truck consumes less fuel, it protects the air we breathe. For this reason, too, RISTELHUEBER has made environmental protection a company goal. This is underlined by the DIN EN ISO 14001 certified environmental management system which the company has lived by and monitored since the end of 2007.


Expansion of the logistics for the transportation of hazardous goods at the Mannheim location with the related certification according to SQAS. This Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) is a norm of the European Chemical Industry Association. It serves to evaluate the quality, safety and environmental impact of logistics providers.


Expansion of the logistics facility in Dogern through the building of a new office complex and the extension of the freight forwarding department.


The building of a further warehouse in the newly developed commercial area, ‘Schnöt’, in Dogern.


The building of a modern truck wash at the Dogern site.  The dirty water is re-processed by means of a wastewater recirculation system so that 90% of the required wash water is covered by recycled service water. Only the losses must be offset with fresh water.


RISTELHUEBER becomes a partner in the newly founded PLI Papier Logistik International  GmbH with its headquarters in Garching, so underlining the further expansion of paper logistics.


The RISTELHUEBER group of companies is first certified according to ISO 9001. All processes are described and documented and the quality of service is thus continually enhanced.


The beginning of the cooperation between the Kombiverkehr KG company and RISTELHUEBER Forwarding with transports from Basel to Hamburg and Lübeck.

Regular line haul transports with a total of 10 swap bodies are also established between the Mannheim and Dogern branches.


The founding of H. RISTELHUEBER’s AG, International Forwarding in CH-5322 Koblenz with office and warehouse.


Walter Bartelmess and his son Manfred Bartelmess take over the H. RISTELHUEBER's Nachfolger Forwarding Company as managing director and partner, with its locations in Mannheim and Waldshut, a total of 40 employees, 11 trailer trucks and a warehouse in Dogern to store paper.


In 1950 Ernst Zügel owner-managed business operations, which were based on short and long haul goods traffic, warehousing, rail transports and customs clearance. In the following years RISTELHUEBER made a name for itself as a Switzerland specialist through its strong concentration on transports to Switzerland.


After The Second World War, business operations were resumed by H. RISTELHUEBER's Nachfolger, Mannheim with a branch location in Waldshut. H. RISTELHUEBER's Nachfolger Hamburg und RISTELHUEBER Transport GmbH, Cologne, continued to exist as independent companies.


In the period from 1906 to 1938 small branches were opened in Singen, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Reutlingen and Frankfurt. Authorized rail cartage, unit load railway transports, wagonload traffic freight, customs clearance, commissioning and warehousing business were now largely carried out. Upon the outbreak of The Second World War every branch except Hamburg and Cologne was closed.


In the following years business operations continued to expand. The Paret Partners thus moved to Mannheim in 1870 in order to carry out business from there. The branch in Waldshut was founded in 1906. From now on goods were transported between the sites in Mannheim and Waldshut by rail.


At the age of 27 Johann Heinrich Ristelhueber founded his own company in Cologne in 1845. In the early years he operated regular shipping traffic on the Rhine with his own steam boats. On January 2nd 1860 the company founder died. Johanna Ristelhueber, the company founder’s wife continued business after the death of her husband until its sale to the Krause and Paret Company in 1861.